Fly Fishing and the Best Places to do Fly Fishing

Normally, when we think of fishing using a hook, we think of using a bait such as an insect that is used to lure the fish. However, in fly fishing, the bait used is artificial, and not a real insect or animal of any kind. The lure, as the bait is called, are of materials such as plastic, and come in different colors, such as blue, red, green etc, or a mix of colors. Its design and color are usually made to mimic naturally occurring insects and fishes that the target fishes are attracted to.

Fly fishing, or fishing using an artificial lure, has been done since historical times. Its mentioned by historians from ancient Greece, Rome and Japan too. In the present times, its used to catch freshwater as well as saltwater fishes. Its the most popular method to catch salmon, trout, grayling and different species of fishes such pike, carp, bass and panfish. However, it should be noted that almost any fish can be caught using fly fishing as long as you use the correct lure and the gear used is able to catch that fish.

Fly fishing is also used to catch saltwater fishes such as snook, redfish, tarpon and bonefish. Some anglers even catch predatory fishes such as tuna, marlin, wahoo, and even some smaller types of sharks using artificial lures. Let us now discuss what are some of the more popular spots for fishing around the world.

1. Christmas Island - Located just a few degrees north of Equator, and about 1000 miles south of Hawaii, Christmas Island could be the worlds most tropical location for fishing. Its specially known for its bonefish flats, where you can stand knee deep in water, and fish for bonefish to your hearts content. The best time to go there is anytime you can go. Don't forget to use sunscreen!

2. Lizard Island, Australia - If you want to catch black marlin, this is the place to go, specially in September and October.

3. Alphonse Island, Seychelles - Located in the Indian ocean, in tropical waters, this is one of the best spots in the world for bonefish.

4. Lough Currane, Ireland - Located on the Atlantic, this is the spot for you if you are ever in Ireland and want to catch Salmon or sea trout. In June, this loch or lake contains a lot of smaller type of sea trout, called 'juners'.

5. Pi-as Bay, Panama - You can take a boat and head out into the sea for Tuna, or fish of other varieties close to the shore in this picturesque bay in Panama.

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